You can do anything
-but not everything

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

- African Proverb


Hello there! I’m Steve, founder of Webtique. Like you, I started from rock bottom alone–figuring out how to survive and thrive in this crazy and noisy business world. I’ve learned over the years that behind any great success in business is a team of people striving towards the same ambitious goal. And for you to succeed in the long run, asking for help and having people smarter than you is a lifetime asset that can never be overlooked.

So let me share with you my story of abandoning my “do it all” mentality into my way of achieving productivity and unstoppable confidence.

As you probably know, working a 9-5 job is not for everyone, that’s why…

When I left my sick corporate job, swapping my highly skilled hours for £5.20 per hour to make Mr. CEO fat and rich…

Going it alone., hungry and frantic, I set out on my entrepreneurial journey as a garage business owner somehow managed to get customers through the help of my best friend Bally, and turned it into a viral success. However, like most solopreneurs, I struggled to keep my business afloat and didn’t have the confidence to delegate.


So you can imagine how I felt I had to do literally everything myself as the thought of putting my trust in someone else to do things that I’d been doing myself, was incredibly daunting. I’m a perfectionist after all! I bet many of you can relate?

And due to my stubbornness, I’d rather just work my ass off 24/7 with my new Apple Macintosh than waste money on random hires.

However, unforeseen circumstances occurred that forced me to give up my car business that I loved for many years.

Then I’ve gotten into the Home Improvements industry, selling conservatories, orangeries, windows, and doors that have helped me expand my skills in Digital Marketing, Web Design, and business management skills,

Here’s the bitter but enlightening part…

I was honestly STUCK with the way I was doing things and getting overworked everywhere…

But when I found out there’s an EASY AND SIMPLE WAY to run my business smoothly, I decided to TAKE FULL CONTROL OF MY LIFE AND BUSINESS only by delegation.

The majority of entrepreneurs believe that they can be in control when they try to do everything on their own, but, as always, it won’t work unless you have superpowers. And It didn’t work for me, either.

The question is, what have I learned
from that experience?

Maybe you’ve heard that “you can’t do everything on your own!” “one thing at a time”

Now consider this…

It takes a lot of work to keep your business running, you’re not in there for two to three months and you will eventually reach the point at which there are too many things on your plate to do on your own. And it becomes so demanding. Doesn’t it?

I don’t know about you but when I started delegating, it gave me the luxury of time for my kids and a greater productivity on tasks that drives the most IMPACT in my business and life.

I totally learned to let go of my “can-do-it-all” attitude and now trust other people in my team with many of my tasks and encourage them to bloom.

Even if you ask top entrepreneurs how they managed to achieve lifetime success, most of them will sometimes say that it’s because they work with a team.

Whatever you do, if you do not want to lose customers and burn money on DIYing your business, learn how to delegate and hire the right people that can work with you.

Now, I want to ask you… Are you ready to do the same for yourself?

Are you thinking of ways to empty your plate and focus on what matters to you?

Have you ever thought that you can do more, be more than you are now but are feeling stuck?

Perhaps you’ve been running your business already thinking that it’s not getting you anywhere.

Or that people won’t pay and be interested.

Or that you feel you aren’t techy and knowledgeable enough to thrive in digital marketing.

If you would like to cut the learning curve and end the waiting game…

If you want to fast-track your chances of success without worrying about…

…“Who should I follow”, “how will I get there” and the constant backbreaking grind…

Here’s the thing, Webtique is helping business owners and entrepreneurs like you propel your businesses to new heights, getting your lives back in the process (minus the headaches, sweat, and endless search for solutions.)

So if you’re ready to create the business and brand of your dreams, whether it’s existing established business, or brand new concept, as our new launch gift, we are giving you a FREE In-Depth strategy session and a customized marketing plan that will accelerate your business growth by 5-10x months from now. Feel free to book a call here. We are happy to assist you.

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